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This is a blog created by Dr Amir Hannan at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres

Concerns have been raised that almost 54000 outpatient appointments took place across 49 Hospital Trusts where the notes had gone missing. That could approximate to almost 1.2 million outpatient appointments across the whole of England where notes were missing. A medical expert said it was dangerous not to have patient records available.

Imagine the time wasted for the patient because the notes are not available.

Imagine having to take another slot no doubt 3 months later so that the notes can be found in the meantime

Imagine the opportunity lost for you to have vital further tests done until you can be seen again.

Imagine the anxiety of having to wait further because the notes were not available

Imagine wondering what the chances are of coming again in 3 months and the notes being missing again!

Imagine being able to say to the doctor or nurse "Don't worry - I have access to my electronic health records. Let me go to the internet and show you my record. What would you like to see?"  

Patients at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres who have access to their GP electronic health records can access their records on-line and be able to show the clinicians what has been happening and what the last letters showed.

Imagine being eMPOWERed and being in control!


The BBC article 'Patient safety worry over records' can be accessed here accessed 24th May 2008