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Having demonstrated that patients can safely access their electronic health records, myself, Dr Richard Fitton and Dr Brian Fisher have been travelling around the country and around the world informing people of our experience, how we did it and what the technology is capable of doing. Whilst there is still some scepticism in some quarters, there are some doctors and nurses who have genuine concerns about patients suddenly being let loose to access their records without any controls in place or without clinicians having to do anything and a feeling of irresponsibility that that raises.

In answer to this we are developing guidelines for clinicians, system suppliers and perhaps patients to understad some of these concerns better and understand how we can deal with them. However what is also becoming apparent is that there is some knowledge that is needed (eg what the Data Protection Act says about personal data), certain skills that are necessary as well as certain attitudes that can help both clinician and patient get the best from the new ways of working that we are introducing. This will lead to certain type of practice and utimately an experience that can then be measured and assessed. Also these aspects need to be developed into a curriculum for medical and nursing students whilst they go through their training so that they are better equiped to take on the challenges of life and medicine once they interact with and begin treating patients and the public.

How will this be taught? What needs to be taught? What aspects will come out of the actual interaction between patient and clinician? Who should teach this? Is this something innate that the "digital generation" already has? What happens when that generation then comes into close contact with staff who are "digital immigrants"?

This was the basis of a discussion that took place at Thornley House Medical Centre with Dr Lawrence Cotter (Dean of Manchester Royal Infirmary), Sir Graeme Catto (President of the General Medical Council), Professor Valerie Wass (Professor of Community Based Medical Education), Jacqui Gladwin (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Richard Emes (Lecturer of Bioinformatics, Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine, School of Medicine, Keele University), Mark Treleaven (Healthcare Strategic Marketing Manager, Microsoft UK), Andrew Coley (Senior Clinical Advisor for North West Strategic Health Authority), Rob Anker (Records Manager, Tameside & Glossop PCT), Colin Cohen (Head of Informatics, Tameside & Glossop PCT), Yvonne Bennett (patient), Margaret Rickson (patient), Sheila Caldecott (patient), Bill Shaw (patient), Doris Shaw (patient), Dr Brian Fisher (GP), Dr Amir Hannan (GP), Mr Bibhas Roy (orthopaedic surgeon, Trafford General Hospital), and a number of 3rd, 4th and 5th year medical students as well as some FY2 doctors and staff at the practice.

Sir Graeme Catto - President of the General Medical Council visits Thornley House to join in discussions on Patient Access to electronic records

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Draft Syllabus

Yvonne Bennet's (patient) talk

Brian Fisher's talk

Margaret Rickson's (patient) talk 

The technology - Dr Hannan 

Another patient view - Sheila Caldecott

The Syllabus - Dr Richard Fitton

Which teaching tools - Rob Anker)

Next steps - the minutes whch will be available in due course

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