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Top 10 reasons to access your health records on-line

Online Services   Online services accessed via EMIS Access

Book an appointment with the GP on-line up to 6 weeks in advance Get access NOW!

Book an appointment with the GP on-line up to 6 weeks in advance  Book GP appointments

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Access your GP electronic health record - please note you must register for this service first. See the Records Access section further below and contact the practice if you want to know how to get access to your records too. This is a FREE service available to all our eligible patients in the practice.  Access your health records

Access your GP electronic health record - please note you must register for this service first. See the Records Access section further below and contact the practice if you want to know how to get access to your records too. This is a FREE service available to all our eligible patients in the practice.  FAQs / password problems

 Latest figures on patients accessing their GP electronic health records

January 2009 January 2009

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How are we doing with enabling patients to access their GP electronic health record?

We have enabled patients to access their GP electronic health record for the past 4 years and now have over 900 patients who have requested access to their records on-line. Many more patients are also ordering repeat prescriptions on-line and booking appointments on-line.


In an attempt to try to understand better the needs of patients who have access to their GP electronic health record, we created a local “EMIS code” such that the system clearly states that this patient has access to their records. We have called it “Patient Access to E-Health Record”. This should be in the Active or Significant Problems in date order list on the Summary Page when patients first log on to see their records (you may well have to scroll down the page to see it). You can see an example of what it looks like by looking at the Test Patient’s record too.


Why code the fact that the patient has access to their electronic health record?

All patients get the same standard of care from the practice whether they have access to their records or not. However there are some specific advantages to patients who have this code added:

  • We know that you have access and so may ask you questions about if and how having access has helped you in any way when away from the practice
  • Clinicians may be more inclined to write in your records advice which may help you to manage your condition better eg websites that they may want you to look at to support your care or treatment
  • Clinicians may write further details about why we have chosen a particular course of action which makes more sense to you. For example we may see a test result and advise you to start certain medication. There may be a further explanatory note which explains why that medication has been started. Of course if it is necessary then we would ALWAYS contact you by phone or letter and not assume that you will pick up a message that is in your record.
  • It is hoped that patients with this code would also be invited to access other electronic health records once they are also made available for you to see. That is why the code says e-health and not just the GP record.
  • Presently we have 330 patients who have this code but anecdotally we know that over 600 patients have access. It is essential that patients who think they have access, check that the code still exists on their record. You may find that you have access but not got the code. It is very difficult for us to trace you. This encourages you to check your record is correct and free of any error and to inform us if you think you should have access but do not have the code.
  • Occasionally patients may lose the right to access their electronic health records for instance if they suffer a catastrophic mental health problem and it is deemed unsafe for the patient to access their records. This would be done in the patient’s best interests. An easy way of knowing if the access has been revoked would be to see if the code is still active or whether it has been removed.

 Click on the link below to see a report on the latest figures


January 2009 January 2009


So how are we doing ?

We are pleased to report that we have over 900 patients with the code confirming they are able to access their records with no significant problems to date. The numbers of patients are going up weekly as more and more questionnaires are filled out and handed back. Every age band now has at least one patient who has access indicating that Records Access is for everybody. You might know somebody who does. Why don’t you ask them to get in touch with the practice to find out more, click on the link below for them to print off or ideally ask them to e-mail us on htmcpatient@nhs.net to find out more.


Patient leaflet re Records Access Patient leaflet re Records Access


What else can you do to help?

If you have enjoyed access to your electronic health records then why don’t you ask the rest of your family, friends, colleagues and work friends to get access too. You never know, it could help them one day too


What about patients who do not know how to use the internet? Is there any help for them?

We have set up a course at the local library to teach patients how to go on-line, access their records and learn more about their own health. They are always on the look out for more patients and members of the public to come along so do contact them if you would like more


Have we created any other EMIS codes related to records access?

Yes, we have also created “Carer access to e-health record”. This is in preparation for allowing formal access to carers to records. At the moment the index patient has to confirm that they want access to be given to somebody else which we record. Of course you do not need to apply for this code if you want somebody else to access your health record – this is simply for us if we need it for example in a situation where we think it may help.


What do we want patients to do with Records Access?

Hard to say really because you are individual and you will know why you want access to your records. We know that patients access their records have a better understanding of their own health and are “ahead of the game”.They know what is in their records and usually find it easy to see any recent letters, test results or scan results and what was discussed in previous consultations.


Ideally we would like patients to see their own Map of Medicine for conditions they suffer with to see where abouts they are on their personal pathway  and ask if their doctor or nurse agrees with them and can help them with what choices they can make. They may also be monitoring their own health and storing aspects eg weight, blood pressure or smoking status on HealthSpace and may also review what other choices they may have by looking at NHS Choices. Of course they will also be looking at this website too for further advice. You can get further advice on all these things by looking at the self care section at Haughton Vale or Thornley House.

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