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  Sat 21 May 2022



Sat 21 May 2022   

Enabling patient access to the GP electronic health record
The Haughton Thornley Medical Centres Way

On Wednesday 17th June 2009, Coastal Medical Group in Morecambe invited Dr Hannan to come and talk about how Haughton Thornley Medical Centres has enabled patients to access their medical records so that they can learn from the experience. GPs, nurses, patients, the IT manager and practice manager as well as PCT IT staff came together to hear more and ask further questions about the service we are offering.

The practice has over 30,000 patients based on 3 sites with over 20 GPs. On 1st May 2009, they switched on the facility enabling their patients to also have full access to the GP electronic health record. Already 15 patients have signed up for access to their full GP electronic health record.

Please note: It may take up to a minute for the page to load as it has a number of videos embedded. Each video has a "full screen" button so that you can increase the size. We suggest you increase the volume on your computer so that it is easier to listen to the video.

  • Introduction to Dr Hannan and Haughton Thonrley Medical Centres
  • Explicit consent for the video and permission to share with the rest of the world
  • Video length: 3 mins 11 seconds

  • Did you know ?
  • Video produced for Sony Executives in 2008 prior to Web 2.0 conference
  • Facts and figures on the adoption of the internet throughout the world and the changing environment
  • What does it all mean?
  • Video length: 5 mins 16 seconds

  • What experts are there in the consulting room?
  • How can the computer support the experts?
  • How do we develop a "Partnership of Trust" between patient and clinician?
  • Video length: 7 minutes 56 seconds

  • There is a Paradigm Shift taking place as soon as an organisation decides to enable patient access
  • There are profound consequences as a result of 6 significant factors
  • To learn more about this, click here
  • Why does it matter for patients to be able to access their records?
  • It increases the chances of a patient getting the best care possible wherever and whenever they need care
  • Both in an emergency as well as when trying to manage their health or even prevent illness
  • Real-time Digital Medicine is what the Information Age enables.
  • Video length: 5 minutes 51 seconds

  • Introducing the practice website www.htmc.co.uk
  • Poster indicating the features available via the practice website.
  • What is available on the home page
  • Informing 12,000 patients the latest information on Swine Flu - as soon as we know, you will know
  • You have a direct relationship - trust - with the practice
  • Hence are more likely to go there to get trusted information
  • But as long as the information is kept up-to-date and relevant to the patient population
  • And helps to support the clinician-patient relationship
  • Latest findings from patients, clinicians and staff on the experience of records access
  • Over 75% of sampe with access are looking at test results and letters
  • Over 40% are seeing how their condition is going and over 20% are using it to plan their consultations
  • Video length: 8 minutes 42 seconds

  • Don't forget 5 a day if you can!
  • Signpostng people to good quality, trusted information
  • Thinking about an NHS that is for patients rather than for the GP!
  • Describing what an organisation might do to help them with their diabetes for example ie diabetes care
  • Describe 5 conditions - diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, eczema and depression
  • Describe 1 preventative medicine - immunisations
  • Describe 1 normality - pregnancy
  • Video length: 9 minutes 44 seconds

  • Continue to describe a framework for patients to learn about their own health and service
  • How are we informing patients on what records access means including the benefits and challenges
  • Watch videos on You Tube that show Dr Hannan and his patient describing the experience
  • Have a go yourself by accessing the "test patient" record
  • Click here to learn more
  • Helping patients to "self care" by pointing them to trusted websites that they should go to first
  • Why? Because these are web-sites whose content we as a practice have vouched for
  • There is a great deal of poor quality information on the internet
  • But unless you know about the subject how will you know?
  • The website supports the clinicians in the practice
  • Explaining how HealthSpace supports patient care
  • Video sowing how patients can record blood pressures on HealthSpace and bring printout to the clinician
  • Screenshots of different aspects of HealthSpace
  • Video length: 8 minutes 54 seconds

  • Showing Map of Medicine which patients can access.
  • Explaining how patients can use to help them self care and why they should look here
  • Explaining the provenance of Map of Medicine
  • So what does a record look like that a patient accesses from home
  • Showing screen shots from the new version and old version
  • Booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Information links directly from the electronic heath record to trusted websites
  • Video length: 8 minutes 55 seconds

  • Further description of screenshots of patient access to the GP electronic health record via the PAERS system
  • Over 700 patients are now accessing their records for up to 3 years now without a single problem
  • Case studies of some examples where patients have directly benefited
  • Helping to restore trust amongst patients whose families were devastated by Shipman in Hyde
  • Video length: 4 minutes 18 seconds

  • Experience to date on how to support the cultural change necessary in the practice...
  • ...but also in the local health and social community
  • Emergent change, learning from the first patients is important
  • A local Care Record Development Board helps to ensure wider expert views are also considered 
  • Morecambe Bay is also introducing Lorenzo Regional Care at the local hospital
  • There may well be common opportunities and challenges for clinicians, patients and managers on introducing a new IT way of doing things and how to communicate them
  • Introduction to the Record Access Collaborative including progress, examples, articles, links and a forum for discussion
  • Composed of clinicians and system suppliers with an interest in enabling patient access to the electronic health record
  • Has produced draft guidelines for patients, clinicians and system suppliers based on the collective experience of 30 years between clinicians who have been doing this. This is being quality assured presently.
  • How do we do it at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres
  • Video length: 7 mins 38 seconds

  • How do patients get access to their GP electronic health record
  • What challenges am I facing now?
  • Real-time Digital Medicine from the perspective of a patient


  • Questions and Answers

Map of Medicine

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