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Do you want to see what your doctor or nurse has written about you or check your GP Electronic Health Record

Well done. You are a couple of steps away from getting access and understanding of your GP electronic health records. Watch this short video which tells you what to do next.


(You will need to collect this from the receptionist or ask for it to be emailed to you)


to get access to the GP electronic health records

See below for videos which explain how to download and register your pin numbers using Evergreen Life PHR and Patient Access apps on your iOS device (iPhone / iPad) or Android device (tablet or smartphone). We recommend you use your smartphone as you carry this with you everywhere you go usually.

Please make www.htmc.co.uk your favourite website for all health related matters.Send an email to htmcpatient@nhs.net if you have any problems.

Please look at some of the links provided below which provide information on what records access and understanding means:

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Shared Medical Records Benefit Patients and Doctors

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