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  Sat 21 May 2022


Sat 21 May 2022   

Details will appear here of events taking place at Haughton Vale and Thornley House Medical Centres


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Please click on the link below to watch the advertisement that was on ITV on Saturday 3rd January.

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If we carry on as we are, 90% of today's children could be overweight or obese by 2050. In the UK there are 1 million obese children under the age of 16. Unfortunately just 11.5% of patients with overweight or obese children recognise it. You can check if you or your family have a healthy weight by clicking here

In our practice presently 22% of our patients (2742 patients) are overweight (BMI 25-29.9), 14% (1652 patients) are obese (BMI 30-39.9) and 2% (186 patients) are very obese. 72% of patients (8767 patients) have had their BMI done at least once. Or in other words 53% of all patients that have had their BMI recorded are overweight, obese or very obese ( figures correct on 1st January 2009 and based on the last BMI reading if recorded in the electronic health record)!

On 3rd January 2009, we start a new initiative called Change4Life along with the Department of Health to support a campaign to eat well, move more and live longer. There is a major TV and billboard advertising campaign to help families to understand the issues and the connection between obesity and preventable illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

The initial focus will be on children: by 2020 we aim to reduce the proportion of overweight and obese children to 2000 levels. How can we do this? The following changes in behaviour can help to achieve long-lasting changes to lifestyle and help to prevent obesity

1.       Sugar swaps Swapping sugary snacks and drinks for ones that are lower in sugar can make a huge difference to kids' calorie intake

2.       Meal time It’s important for kids to have regular, proper meals as growing bodies respond better to routine

3.       Snack check Many snacks are full of the things that are bad for us – sugar, salt, fat and calories. So try and keep a careful eye on how many the kids are having.

4.       Me size meals Even though they’re growing, its important to make sure kids get the right amount for their age – not too little and not too much

5.       5 a day Its easier than you think to give your kids five portions of fruit and vegetables a day

6.       Cut back fat We all know too much fat is bad for us. But it’s not always easy to tell where it’s lurking.

7.       60 Active Minutes Kids need to do at least 60 minutes of activity a day to help them stay happy and healthy

8.       Up and About The way life is today means that most of us spend too long sitting down.

If you would like to know more then click here or phone 0300 123 4567

If you have not done so then now is the time to get access to your GP electronic health record so that you can do the following

1.       Ensure your electronic health record has a recent height, weight and body mass index

2.       Monitor your own height and weight regularly by recording it in your personal HealthSpace

3.       You can review advice you have been given about your lifestyle

4.       Adults can consider going to see our lifestyle advisor, Abdul Salam in the practice or going to “weight matters” which some of our staff are being trained for to support you further. Speak to the receptionist who can give you further details.

5.       Consider contacting the health improvement service for further advice

6.       You can also review advice below which gives you further help to reduce your child’s or your weight

Here are some links to other websites that you may find useful too

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