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Patient feedback on Access to GP electronic health record

Following the initial success of patients accessing their electronic health records, we are now moving into a new phase. Patients are generally happy with the process of getting access to their electronic health records but are now beginning to ask how they can improve their records and make them even better.

You may have comments, compliments or complaints to make about how to improve the service that we are offering and make it even more accessible. Please click on the link below

Comments, compliments or complaints Comments, compliments or complaints

You may have identified errors, omissions (missing information that you think should be there) or mistakes in your records that you wish to inform us about. Click on the link below to inform us about this.

Errors, omissions and mistakes Errors, omissions and mistakes

You will be very aware that we as a surgery are very busy trying to see as many patients as possible whilst continuing to provide a high quality service. Quality is broadly defined as how safe are we, how effective are we and what is the patient's experience like. We believe that enabling patients to see their own records leads to a safer service (because you are also aware of what is going on and are able to share your views too), it is more effective (because you are able to share more information with other clinicians about aspects of your health that they may not be aware of and also because you can get a better understanding of your condition and what choices you may be able to make) but the patient experience has been a little lacking. This is partly because we in the NHS have not traditionally asked patients to inform us about our record keeping or enabled you to easily comment on it. Also as it is a medico-legal document, there may be times when you disagree with a comment or diagnosis but which a clinician feels is a fair description of their assessment. We believe that we should try to have a "Partnership of Trust" between patient and clinician which the electronic health record and the internet more broadly can help to support. For further information, please see this paper which Dr Hannan wrote with another patient (from Dr Fitton's practice) and which was presented to the International Council for Medical & Care Compunetics. Here is a link to an article recently written in Danish by Bettine Pluut based on what we are doing here in England.

Towards a Partnership of Trust Towards a Partnership of Trust

Once you have filled the forms out, we will send a reply to confirm we have received it. Sometimes the issue may be "relatively easy" to resolve. Sometimes it may be more difficult and require much more effort. Sometimes we may even need to agree to disagree on the contents. But at least there has been some discussion and you are always welcome to come and discuss this in person with the clinician or practice manager if you so wish.

This is a relatively brave step that we are now taking but one we believe is necessary to ensure your records are as fit for purpose as possible so that you can get the best care possible. Your support and encouragement is very gratefully received and gives us confidence to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and make it part of good quality care.

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