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  Sat 21 May 2022


Sat 21 May 2022  

EMIS Access

What is EMIS access?

As a patient, when you sit in a consultation with your GP, the computer system the GP uses at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres to record details about your health and well being is supplied by a company called EMIS. 

EMIS Access allows our patients that have applied for online access and who been provided with secure login details, to gain direct access to their complete medical record held at the Practice as well as being able to request repeat prescriptions.

Click here  for EMIS Access

Practice services available online to our patients

Please note: To take advantage of online services available at Haughton Vale and Thornley House Practices, you must first be a registered patient at one of the Practices and have previously registered to access online services - please ask at reception, speak to your GP or Nurse and they will be able to help you. You can also access the registration questionnaire on this website.

Mrs Margaret Rickson is one of the first people in the UK to access her GP health records online. Mrs Rickson can also book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions securely from the comfort of her own home.
Your Practice has been offering a range of online services for patients for some time now, including the ability to securely and confidentially access your GP-held health record once you have been registered to use the service. 

Mrs Margaret Rickson (pictured left) - a patient at Thornley House surgery was one of our first patients to take advantage of this facility and during an interview with the MEN [] she explained how this has helped her to manage her own health. The full range of online services now offered includes:

- Any repeat prescriptions you have can now be requested via the internet
If you receive medication which is on repeat prescription, in most instances you can now order the prescription through the internet without having to ring or visit the surgery. Once ordered you can then review the system to check when it is ready to be collected. In the future it will be possible to collect prescriptions directly from your local pharmacist without having to visit the practice.

Dr Amir Hannan has also been one of the pioneers of on-line access to GP-held health records for patients, based on what he describes as the 'partnership of trust'. This trust relationship allows patients greater access to information about their health and medical care. If you would like to be one of a growing number of our patients who have taken advantage of this initiative, please contact your Practice Manager for further details.

A training course is now being offered at the library (see details below) which is designed to assist people who have very limited experience of computers and the internet to understand how they can access a whole range of useful services through the internet. There is also a useful guide produced by the BBC on accessing health advice on the internet - the final word however is that the internet is not a replacement for getting first hand advice and help with your health from your trusted doctor or nurse but may help you to be more informed about managing your own health better.

Records Access - adult learning course call 0161 343 8899
RECORDS ACCESS at Tameside library

tick Interested in learning how to access your health records online?

tick Experienced and novice internet users welcome

tick Reserve a place now by calling Gillian or Tania on 0161 343 8899 or email Angela Spencer for further information

Have your say !
Booking GP and Nurse appointments on-line
Since Haughton Thornley Medical Centres provided the ability for patients to book appointments on-line last year, over 500 appointments have been booked using the system. Have you used it? What was your experience like? Please send us your comments.

Your experience of our Practice website
The Practice team are keen to understand what works best for our patients regarding the information we provide on our website. Please give us some feedback so that we can constantly improve what we deliver to you.

- if you are one of our patients and wish to register to access your health record or other online services. 

We have provided information on the benefits of Record Access and have included a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that deals with some of the questions you might have particularly about privacy and security as well as the consent process that we have adopted. In other sections of this website, you will also find articles and support material written by some of our patients.

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