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New: Learn about the COVID19 vaccinations here - You will receive a text message or phone call when it is time for you to get the vaccine and then you can register - Updated 17.1.2021
New: Click here to learn about Vaccine Literacy - Updated 29.3.2021
Have you been identified as being at high risk of covid19 but not sure why. Click here to find out what to do
New: Coming out of lockdown. Unsure what you can do now? Info here - updated 29.3.21
Click here to learn about IMPORTANT MESSAGES from the practice and what you need to know NOW
Click here to learn about social distancing restrictions (what we all must do now) - updated 5.1.21
Click here to learn about guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection
Click here if you think you are shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from covid19

Learn more about fasting safely during the month of Ramadan (for patients and employers)

General Practice has remained open throughout the pandemic and we have continued to see patients face to face and offer home visits where clinically needed and appropriate. Click here to read full statement

Learn how we are engaging patients (and staff) through the use of technologyWe encourage all patients / carers to sign up for online services and Register Now. If you are having problems registering then access support via Evergreen Life and Patient AccessPlease email us on htmcpatient@nhs.net if you have any further IT problems.

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Our appointment system
We operate a modern triage system which tries to cater for your needs. We ask all patients who need to book an appointment to go online or phone the surgery and leave a message with the receptionist with a brief description of what the problem is. We will deal with the information confidentially and inform the doctor. Please note:
  • Do you really need to speak to a doctor or can you do things yourself eg common problems you can solve, use online services, order prescriptions online, send secure messages, review what the doctor or nurse has advised before if it is a problem you have had before. There is a lot you can do yourself if you just know what to do. 
  • Book an appointment online or via your smartphone if you need a blood test or see the nurse for depo-provera injections, immunisations, new patient checks, vitamin B12 injections, hypertension reviews and for smears
  • Phone the surgery if you want a doctor to call you back. Please remember to tell the receptionist what the problem is - ideally one problem. The doctors prioritise the calls they make based on clinical need. If you do not provide this information then there may be a delay in when the doctor calls you. 
  • You can also ask the doctor to call you back before or after a certain time if this helps too. Please note the doctors will otherwise call you at some time during the day - usually in the morning or the afternoon.
  • A limited number of  appointments can be booked for the future including face to face - please ask the receptionist.
  • After the doctor has spoken to you, they may advise you on what to do over the phone, invite you to come and see one of the doctors or book you in with a nurse depending on the clinical need.
  • We have also introduced online booking telephone consultations with a doctor, nurse or for a blood test - please sign up for online services
  • You can also go online and book appointments via Engage Consult and answer a series of questions ideally the night before between 6:30pm and 8am ready for us to deal with the next working day usually although it may take 2 working days in some cases. We can then respond via email which is very heklpful for those who cannot answer the phone at work or wait for the receptionist to answer the call.

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