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 Viewing an example health record

If you are interested in understanding further about how the online systems work, you now have a chance to go on line and see an example of a record - we call this our test patient record and it is completely fictitious.  This will give you an idea of the type of information you can access from a typical health record (this one is very big as we have made all kinds of entries in it) and how the appointment viewing and repeat prescription ordering works. 

First log in here to EMIS ACCESS:   As this is only a test patient you do not need to register. Also please do not change the password as others may want to use it.


Fill in the information below

User ID:                      96320007399

Password:                  Haugton1

If you have a smartphone (iPhone / android) or tablet, you can download a free app to view the record with


In order to view the Medical Record you will need to click "View your medical record" after you have logged in



You can now look under the various sections by clicking on any of the following:

Summary Record, Consultations Results Letters Medication Record by Date Record by System Links


It is important that you sign out as soon as you have completed your session!
































































































































































































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