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New: General Practice has remained open throughout the pandemic and er have continued to see patients face to face and offer home visits where clinically needed and appropriate. Click here to read full statement
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Learn how we are engaging patients (and staff) through the use of technologyWe encourage all patients / carers to sign up for online services and Register Now. If you are having problems registering then access support via Evergreen Life and Patient AccessPlease email us on htmcpatient@nhs.net if you have any further IT problems.

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Now that over 57% of all our patients at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres have access to their full GP electronic health records (more than 6800 patients), it is essential that patients like you know how best to use the online services to drive your care. Here are some of the ways you can learn
  • Use the award-winning practice-based web portal www.htmc.co.uk to find out the latest information
    • You will find more detailed information on a a very wide variety of information via the main website
    • Look at the Patient Control Panel down the left hand side to find specific information
    • You can also search for information via the search bar along the top too 
  • Log into your GP electronic health record where you can find very precise information your doctor or nurse has written about you including your care plan and any decisions that have been made
  • Join the Patient Participation Group and come along to their meetings. They have a virtual group which you can join by sending an email to htmcppg@gmail.com
  • Speak to our receptionists, practice staff, doctors and nurses who can advise you  
  • Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter - we will post general messages there which you can share with others too
  • Talk to other patients and people in the community who can inform you about what else is available
  • The Haughton Green Centre and Hyde Community Action are excellent resources to learn what else you can do
  • You can find more information by seeing Haughton Vale surgery and Thornley House Medical Centre

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