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New: Learn about the COVID19 vaccinations here - started for those aged over 80. You will receive a text message or phone call when it is time for you to get the vaccine and then you can register - Updated 17.1.2021
Tier 5 HIGHEST RISK covid19 restrictions now apply - confused what this means, Info here - updated 6.1.21
Click here to learn about IMPORTANT MESSAGES from the practice and what you need to know NOW
Click here to learn about social distancing restrictions (what we all must do now) - updated 5.1.21
Click here to learn about guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection
Click here if you think you are shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from covid19

General Practice has remained open throughout the pandemic and we have continued to see patients face to face and offer home visits where clinically needed and appropriate. Click here to read full statement

SCAM ALERT: Patients have contacted the practice saying they have received a text message saying "somebody has information about your healthcare and to click on a link to find out more". This is a SCAM. Please do NOT click on the link. Nobody can access your information without your permission or where a data sharing agreement is in place to enable this. Please see our privacy notice for more info

Learn how we are engaging patients (and staff) through the use of technologyWe encourage all patients / carers to sign up for online services and Register Now. If you are having problems registering then access support via Evergreen Life and Patient AccessPlease email us on htmcpatient@nhs.net if you have any further IT problems.

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Login to your record

You now have a choice of 2 different providers for accessing your electronic health records. Please click on whichever system you would like Evergreen Life or Patient Access (which is also the original EMIS version).

You can register for both systems if you have not yet done so. Please click here to learn more and to find out about some of the differences between the systems. Both can be accessed via the internet or your android / iOS smartphone / tablet. You can also try each out using the test patient passwords.

You will need to ask for your PIN NUMBERS from the receptionist (or ask them to email it to you if you have already registered before online). You will need to register for each system before you can use it. We recommend you register for both systems in case one stops working. The reception staff will be able to help you or you can send an email to htmcpatient@nhs.net or send a secure message if you have already registered for online services and want to try the new service

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