Breast Cancer Awareness

About 1 in 8 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. If it is detected early, treatment is more successful and there is a good chance of recovery. The Breast Cancer Screening Programme has been set up to try to identify women who may not have noticed any symptoms may be identified early. All women registered with a GP aged between 50 – 70 are automatically invited for breast cancer screening every 3 years. You can find out more about the Breast Cancer Screening programme here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Session

On 2nd March 2009, Dr Ghafoor, our trainee FY2 doctor arranged a Breast Cancer awareness session with Vanessa Hickson, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist with an interest in Breast Care from Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Are you worried about Breast Cancer?

  • Do you know anybody who suffers from Breast Cancer or has a relative/friend who does?
  • Not sure what you’re looking for on self examination?
  • Are you on Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  • Have you suffered from Breast cancer?

If any of the above apply to you (and even if they don’t) then watch the videos below and learn for yourself the latest information on how you can look after yourself and be more aware of this condition. You never know – it might just save a life!

If patients do have any concerns whatsoever then please contact your Practice to make an appointment to see a GP.

Dr Imran Ghafoor
Know your lemons

Click on the picture or here to learn more about what breast cancer can look and feel like, what to feel for during a breast exam and how we find breast cancer by Worldwide Breast Cancer

Self Breast Examination, Treatments for Breast Cancer and the Role of the Specialist Breast Cancer Nurse

(Please note: We are aware that the quality of the video recordings shown are of fairly poor quality, however we feel that the information provided is invaluable.  )

For further information about Breast Cancer please click on the links below

NHS Choices: Breast cancer in Women – Symptoms

Breast cancer symptoms

Learn about TLC!

Touch your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual? 
Look for changes. Is there any change in shape and texture? 
Check anything unusual with your doctor!

Patient advocacy group for patients with breast cancer: Met UP UK

Information to help with your journey after you have been diagnosed with breast cancer

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Risk factors for Breast Cancer – please click on the picture below to learn more