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Thornley House Medical Centre

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Every 3rd Thursday we close at 1pm for training

Haughton Vale

Tatton Rd,
M34 7PL
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Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Quote / Testimonial:

Every 3rd Thursday we close at 1pm for training

Please see common problems you can solve – many ailments can be solved on your own if you know what to do

Contact your pharmacist who may be able to help

Click here if you are confused about who to contact

Have you registered for online services we offer including ordering prescriptions online and viewing your medical records. It could save you a lot of time and money if you sign up today and it is really easy to do.  All the staff are keen to help – just ask! Here are some of the things patients can easily do via their smartphone, tablet or computer:

– Order repeat prescriptions and check if the prescription has been issued.

– Book an appointment at a convenient time with a nurse

– Send secure messages (non-urgent please and not for appointments or ordering prescriptions)

– Update your contact details including your home number, mobile and email address

– Check if your test results are back e.g. blood tests, scans, X-rays etc. See Lab Tests Online to understand blood test results

– Check if any letters have come from the hospital or other provider

– Check what medical problems you have and whether the information we have is correct or if there is information that is missing

– Check what your doctor or nurse said and what the plan was – you will find it in your record

Remember – nobody can access your full record outside the practice. Summary information is accessible and you may be asked for this when you are seen out of hours or in A&E but they can only see summary information with your permission. 

For the BEST SERVICE, we recommend you should ask for full access to your GP electronic health record and then you can choose to show the record when you want to whoever you want. It gives you a great feeling of control and many patients are benefiting from this service as a result. 

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