Checking your blood pressure at home

What is BP at Home?

Have you got a blood pressure machine at home?

Have you been asked to check your blood pressure in case you may have high (or low) blood pressure?

Are you on medication for high blood pressure?

Are you on medication that may cause high (or low) blood pressure?

Would you like to check your blood pressure as a way of monitoring your own health?

If the answer is positive to any of the above questions and you have a computer, tablet PC or smartphone with internet access then “BP at Home” is for you! It is a website that allows you to record your own blood pressure readings with whatever machine you have. It plots the readings for you.

What do you have to do to being using the service?

Contact Dr Hannan by sending him an email to [email protected] and he will send you an email with a Unique Patient Identifier to get started. He will also store this in your medical record so that you can remind yourself what it is if you forget by looking at your GP electronic health record too.

Click here to launch BP at Home. (Please note the website only works with ChromeFirefox or Safari web browsers. You can download them for free by clicking on one of the links first)

Put your Unique Patient Identifier in and then log in

You are now ready to start recording your Blood Pressure readings. There is a video available for you to learn how to check your blood pressure. You can also learn more by going to Hypertension Care on the practice website. You can learn about how to check your blood pressure here. You can choose a validated blood pressure machine by clicking here – the price ranges from £9.99 through to over £160. You can also purchase a machine from your local chemist too. You can also learn more about what blood pressure means by seeing the Map of Medicine pathway for it. These links are also available on the website itself in case you need them.

Once you record your blood pressure readings and then view your graph as well as number of reading taken, the average systolic and diastolic readings as well as your pulse. 

If you want to send them back to your doctor to see, please click the “Export / Print for your GP” button in green. This sends the readings back for your doctor to view. You can also print off the readings here too if you would like to have a paper copy for your records too. 

You will need to ask your doctor to view your readings by putting in your Unique Patient Identifier

Why use BP at Home?

You can store your readings safely so that they can be viewed by your doctor. But remember, you will need to contact your doctor to inform them about your readings. 

Is this a secure service?

The Unique Patient Identifier is the only way of knowing who the readings belong to. Nobody else knows what the readings are for.

What happens if you forget your Unique Patient Identifier?

Please send an email on [email protected] and he will contact you to remind you of your Unique Patient Identifier. Please sign up for access to your records so that you can also review them then too.

Shared Decision Making and treatment of Hypertension

What choices can you make if you have high blood pressure?

If you have any further questions then please send an email to [email protected] and we will endeavour to try to answer your questions

BP at Home has been designed by Dr Edward Wallitt from Podmedics Ltd