New-born Baby Care

Congratulations on your new-born baby. It is a very exciting time but can also be scary for parents who are unsure what to do next or what challenges. So here are some simple tips for you and your baby to get the best from the practice.

Hopefully you already have full access to your own GP electronic health record and can see what your doctor or nurse has written about you. If you have registered your baby then why not also register for you to be able to see their electronic health records too. You can then also see what their doctor or nurse has written about them. For many babies, the first consultation can often be the 8 week baby check-up as part of your baby’s health and development reviews when they also get their first immunisations too. Why not register your baby so that you can see what the doctor or nurse have written and also check what immunisations they have had. If you have not yet done so then please complete the Record Access and Understanding Safety checklist questionnaire . You will need to have registered yourself on Patient Access and use this to get proxy access so that you can use your passwords to access their records with (if you have parental responsibility).

Your new baby

Feeding, teething and tantrums


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