Enabling proxy access – a simple guide on what to do

What Proxy Access means using Patient Access app

Everybody wanting access to records and understanding needs to do the Records Access and Understanding Safety Checklist questionnaire

See the picture below to show what you need to do if you are doing this on behalf of somebody else eg children or if you are caring for somebody or if you have been asked to do this for a friend or neighbour because they are unable to do this.

You can act on behalf of the other person whether you are a patient of ours or not. (The only requirement is that the person must be a patient of ours that you are helping out for and need proxy access for).

Please complete the questionnaire

We will then process the request and get back in touch once done,

If you have any problems then please email us on [email protected]  

You can contact Patient Access to get help from them here if we are unable to help

You can contact Evergreen Life if we are unable to help you too.