Evergreen Life PHR app and Wellness Scores

Watch the short video below produced by Evergreen Life which asks “are you as well as you could be”?

Discover your Wellness Score

Do you want to improve how well you feel? Work towards the wellness you want with clinically referenced Wellness Checks, reviewed clinical articles and practical insights.

  • Better understand key aspects of your own wellness
  • Discover your Wellness Score
  • Get practical insights into your wellbeing and how to improve

Learn more about the wellness score here.

Clicking on “Happiness” (left picture) when you log into your Evergreen Life PHR app, That gives you your “happiness score”. Click on “things to do” and then take a test. It asks a series of questions such as the one in the right picture and then once completed provides you with a “happiness score“, “fitness score“, “food score” which goes towards your overall “wellness score“. All these areas provide you with information about what the scores mean and how you can improve your score and help improve your health and wellbeing. It’s all about having one record. When you need it!

Over time we hope to see patients like you to improve your wellness scores and with this improve your quality of life allowing you to do more of the things you enjoy doing and perhaps spending less time in the GP surgery! We are all here about you, the BEST you and your family with a little help from us too!

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres mission statement:

There for you all your life, your good health with our support, empowering you to live well

If you would like the Evergreen Life PHR app with all its functionality then please ask the receptionist for your pin numbers and we will get back in touch with you.

Watch this video below which shows how to register your Evergreen Life PHR app once you have your pin numbers with you.