Haughton Thornley Medical Centres hosted a talk on 3rd August 2010 on “Fibromyalgia – the facts” and invited Dr Therese Brammah , consultant rheuamtologist at Tameside Hospital Foundation Trust to come and talk about the latest thinking on the subject and what patients and carers can do. We have created this support webpage for its patients and others who suffer from Fibromyalgia (FMS). Slide down the page to see links to other web resources too including an anonymous questionnaire we would like you to fill in.

You can watch the individual videos by pressing the triangular “play button”. If the video keeps stuttering then press the “pause” button on the video and wait for it to download then watch it. It is worth the wait!

We understand that FMS can be a frustrating condition and in some cases lead to sufferers feeling extremely isolated and alone as they attempt to manage and live with the condition. It is often difficult for family members and friends to understand what is happening as sufferers often look well but feel terrible.

If you would like to know more please email us on [email protected] stating that you would like to be put in touch with a Fibromyalgia Support group.

FMS is an ongoing condition that needs to be managed as effectively as possible. As you are probably aware there are many different alternative therapies that are said to be of benefit to sufferers of FMS including Acupuncture, Hydro-Thermal Therapy and Massage as well as the more conventional drug treatments and physiotherapy.

Don’t forget there are other simple things you can do as well such as getting access to your GP electronic health records so that you can book appointments on-line, order prescriptions on-line and even access your records too to review test results or consulations you may have had with your doctor or nurse. This can be therapeutic too. You can find out more by sending an email to [email protected].

Also it is important you try to maintain your health and egular monitor your weight and other parameters such as blood pressure via HealthSpace . The more you can look after yourself, the better you will feel and the easier life will become for you. Knowing what to do and when and how to keep yourself well is key to beating FMS.

We have created this resource for patients and their families to learn more by bringing together a wide variety of resources that are available on the internet. They are mainly run by charitable organisations that are NOT affiliated to the NHS and hence not everything is necessarily true! But remember many FMS sufferers had to fight to have the condition recognised by the NHS so that is not necessarily a bad thing! If you are ever in doubt or unsure about what you have read or understood then always remember to ask your doctor or nurse who may be able to help. But the chances are that you may well know more than them. There is still a lot we have to learn about FMS but by helping each other -patients, famliy members and cares and doctors and nurses – we can beat this and help you fulfil your life and all your aspirations.

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