What is self care?

“Self-care doesn’t mean no care. By using the Practice website www.htmc.co.uk you use reliable links to approved websites. After suffering from sinus problems for many years, but feeling that I didn’t want to go down the operation route, a friend recommend nasal irrigation. Sounded awful but decided to look into it. Going to self-care on the Practice website, I then went to the Map of Medicine. The advice for self-care suggested nasal saline spray and nasal saline irrigation may be of benefit. A quick visit to the pharmacy next door to the surgery provided the sprays. Guess what – it really has helped. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you.”

Blog by Yvonne on www.htmc.co.uk blog on self-care

Self care is about enjoying life; it’s about coping; it’s about being in control; it’s about feeling safe and knowing where your limits are and when it is appropriate to turn to others for help and where to get that help from. Being actively involved in self care is also about having confidence in your ability (or more correctly your body’s ability) to cope with ill-health. Contrary to what you might think, we all self care otherwise we would all be running to the surgery every time we cough or sneeze.

But it’s more than just knowing what to do when you fall ill; it’s about staying well and preventing ill-heath too. That’s the new buzz word in healthcare – how to stay healthy. That’s not easy in today’s hectic life when everybody is running and you are expected to do 10 things all at the same time and perhaps look after others as well. Little wonder then that you might just need a little help to self care a little better and also learn from others who have been there before you.