HTMC Online Team

Do you want help to get online and not sure what to do?

Would you like to be able to see what your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or healthcare assistant have written about you ?

Do you want to contact the surgery at any time day or night to ask the admin team a question or book an appointment with the clinician?

Do you want to see your letters, test results or problems list and when you were diagnosed with certain conditions?

Do you have forms or insurance documents to fill out which include what conditions you have or when you were diagnosed with them?

Do you want to get a better understanding of your healthcare needs and understand how to get the best from the practice or what is available locally for you? 

Do you have a family member or a carer who you would like to use online services if you do not want to do this yourself?

What do you (or a carer or family member you trust) need to get online?

  • Access to the internet via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • An email address
  • Enough memory to download apps on your smartphone or tablet if you want to use apps (not necessary if you are happy to go to a website. You will also need your password to download the app on your phone too.

What can the HTMC Online Team do?

  • The can phone you back at a time of your convenience and help you to get started on all these things:
    • Learn how to complete all the questions it asks
    • Learn how to write your ideas, concerns and expectations so that we can try to fully meet yor needs
    • Learn how to use 2 way messaging – helpful for people who prefer to receive and send replies by email if you cannot answer the phone
    • Learn how to say if you have a preference for a particular clinician to contact you if available
    • Learn how to choose a particular time for us to contact you and we can try to accommodate you
  • Show you the practice website and also the main website too and how you can learn more
  • Show you what the similarities and differences are between Evergreen Life PHR, Patient Access and the NHS App
  • Show you how to:
    • Order repeat prescriptions online for yourself
    • Set up reminders for when it is time to order your prescriptions before you run out
    • See consultations you have had
    • See letters from your records
    • See graphs that can show trends eg your weight over time or a specific blood test eg cholesterol
    • Monitor your food, fitness and happiness levels
  • Show you how to set up proxy access for others you care for eg children, family or others who trust you. Most families have a “family health manager” who usually does everything for the family eg ordering prescriptions, booking appointments, checking everything is in order, giving the calpol / paracetamol or ibuprofen when you develop a minor ailment, advising the rest of the family about self care and when it may be time to contact the surgery. Proxy access allows the family health manager to more easily help
    • Order prescriptions for others you care for or support
    • Get an appointment easily for others
    • Ask admin for help when unsure what to do
    • Inform everybody else about important changes in the surgery or new ways of accessing help and care
  • Set up your Personal Health Record via Evergreen Life PHR (requires smartphone / tablet app)
    • Monitor key aspects of your health
      • Weight
      • Blood Pressure
      • Peak flow
      • Waist circumference
    • Store important personal documents online in your own personal filing system
      • You can easily search through them if you need to find them
    • Do more with the medications list
      • Set up reminders via notifications when it is time to take your medication
      • Make a note when you have taken your medication
      • Take photos of the medications you are taking so that you know what each tablet looks like
      • Make notes on what medication you are on, who started it why it was started
  • Help you to join the Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group

Who are the HTMC Online Team?

  • The team are made up of staff from the practice who have volunteered to help patients get online and help them get the best from the services the practice offers
  • They are keen to get feedback from patients and carers too so that we can improve our services so that we make it even easier for people to use the online services

How can you get in touch with the HTMC Online Team to get help?

  • Send an email to [email protected] and ask them to get in touch
  • Ring the surgery and ask to book in with them
  • Speak to the staff and ask them to book in with them