Listening Service – Chaplains for Wellbeing

Is life stressful?

Are you struggling with illness?

Have you suffered the loss of a loved one?

Do you need to talk to someone?

Then Chaplains for Wellbeing are here for you. 

Who is able to see the Chaplains for Wellbeing?

The Chaplain is for everyone, of all faiths/beliefs and for those with no faith. Each of us is more than physical. The health of our inner self affects our wellbeing in every respect:

• Physical

• Emotional

• In relationships

• Work

• Decision making

It may be

• You are coping with the loss of a loved one

• You are trying to cope with illness and need strength to face the day to day

• You are finding relationships difficult

• You find the pressures of life leave you empty and drained, asking, “Is there more to life?”

• You have a difficult decision to make

• You would like space to find inner strength, hope and meaning

What does the Chaplain for Wellbeing provide?

The Chaplain offers confidential pastoral and spiritual care for you the patient. This may include:

• Listening to your story

• Discussing your concerns and offering reflection and support

• Putting you in touch with other helpful agencies

• Providing useful resource material

• Helping you develop your own spiritual journey which may include the offer to pray, but not essential.

What will happen?

The Chaplain for Wellbeing is available to see you by appointment.

The Chaplain aims to listen to you without judgement and with respect to your beliefs and experiences.

To see the Chaplain

When you see a Doctor ask for a referral to the Listening Service provided by Chaplains for Wellbeing