Over 16,000 questionnaires done for Records Access and Understanding

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres has been offering full Records Access and Understanding since 2004. This requires patients or carers to complete a Records Access and Understanding Safety Checklist questionnaire.

Since 2009 we have used Survey Monkey to allow patients or carers to complete the questionnaire. This provides us with the opportunity to collect this information and see what the trend is. Due to changes in circumstances, we are now stopping using Survey Monkley and instead collecting the data in a different manner. However before we finish, we thought we would publish our final data showing how over 16,000 patients have completed the questionnaire when asked to do so to grant them full records access and understanding.

Remember, over this time, many patients have either left or died whilst new patients have joined the practice too.

Click here to see the latest data showing how many current patients have full records access and understanding.

If you would like access to your GP electronic health records and understanding and are a patient of the practice then please click here