Sandra Higdon on BBC Radio Devon talking about Against All Odds

Listen to Sandra Higdon (nee Reeder) talk about her book that she wrote with her father Richard Reeder about his experience of being in hospital and how they learned about the important role patients and their advocates have in helping patients through an illness. She describes the Partnership of Trust as well as the 6Cs 

All of us at some point in our lives will be a patient, but as a patient do you feel empowered? Do you know what it is to be an advocate? Will you ever need one? Reading this book may save you or someone you love. Richard Reeder was on the verge of retirement when a chance visit to his GP changed the course of his life forever… Normally a fit, healthy man Richard becomes entangled in a web of medical intervention, his health spiralling into chronic illness in Intensive Care but he has one strength left- his family. They become his advocates, challenging and questioning a health service which is clearly overstretched, and in doing so, they become empowered through necessity. This true story is an accurate though sometimes disturbing account of Richard`s battle and that of his family to save him through the full force of human will, seemingly Against All Odds. Richard and his daughter Sandra recount their experiences from the perspective of patient and patient advocate in a heartfelt, moving and engaging way. Their inspiring story is one of hope and determination and we come to see that an ordinary man is a truly extraordinary person.

You can buy the book by clicking here. (Please note Haughton Thornley Medical Centres does not profit from this book.All views expressed are those of the authors)

You can contact Sandra Higdon (nee Reeder) through twitter via @SandraHigdon