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Tuesday 30th April at 4pm

face to face meeting at Thornley House Medical Centre

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Thornley House Health Promotion Room

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Donations for FOOD BANK accepted. 

Please bring any items to the surgery

Paul Welsh (vice-Chair), Dominic Sexton (Chair), Catherine Lewis-Dobson (Secretary)

On 25th July 2023, Dr Mohammed Arslan Anwar, GP ST2 presented a project he has been working on to describe The Hyde PCN health inequalities based on a survey he did. Click on the You Tube video above, see the description to look at individual chapters

Our aims are

Firstly, to support the practice to deliver the best service it possibly can

We work closely with the practice . We talk to them if we have any ideas about how we think things might be improved. We also report back if patients have concerns over any aspect of the running of the practice. We also say “Thanks” when things are going well!

A Doctors’ representative and the practice manager usually attend our meetings so we can have good discussions. If the practice is thinking of implementing changes they will where possible discuss them with us first. They may ask us to “trial” some services before they go live.

Secondly, we are also working to promote good health both for patients in the practice and the wider community.

In the practice, we ask patients what they would like to know more about. Then we try to organise information talks or sessions where we can all learn how to look after ourselves better.

The most recent session was a training session entitled “Dementia awareness”. This was delivered by Cathy Lewis Dobson who is a member of the PPG and leader of the Dementia awareness team. Previous topics have included ,”Understand your Blood test results Asthma in ChildrenCPR (staying alive Vinny Jones style)heart arrhythmiahealth improvementwhat is self-care & many more. We are very keen for anyone to suggest a topic they think is of interest.

In the wider community, we are working with other patient groups in the area towards common goals or areas of concern.

We are also keen to make sure that the patient voice is heard by the decision makers. We ensure that we provide feedback on local services & consult with the Clinical Commissioning Group. These are the people who spend our money to provide healthcare services.

We also want to have a say as far as possible in decisions that affect us nationally so we contribute to the debate whenever we can.

We have a main “strategy” group that meets usually once a month. We have divided ourselves into teams so that work can go on anytime & suits people who can’t get to meetings or who don’t like meetings. These teams report back to the main group.

Teams at the moment are:

FOOD BANK………To collect contributions of  food. There is a box in reception, please give if you can! We also want to make sure that any of our families who are struggling and are eligible get help. Leaders, Dorothy Burgoine & Eric Bynon

WORKSHOPS……….We can provide help for you to access your records and understand them too (alongside what the clinicians in the practice do). After all we are patients too and have learned a few tricks along the way that we can share with you. Get in touch on [email protected] (but please do not send any personal medical information as we are not qualified to advise on that).

LIAISON & COMMUNICATION………. To work with other patient groups in the area on local or national concerns. To make sure that patients are listened to when our money is being spent by the CCG & other bodies. Leader Barbara Dresner

SELF CARE WEEK…….. We want patients to remember that they make lots of choices every day that impact on their health. National Self Care Week is in November and we have a stall in the Clarendon Centre giving out information (not advice!) about ways we can help ourselves to a healthier life. There will also be nursing students from Manchester Metropolitan University in Morrisons all Self Care week promoting some of the ways to make good choices. Leader Ingrid Brindle

DEMENTIA AWARENESS…………To raise awareness of dementia issues and provide training to increase understanding. Leader Cathy Dobson                                

IT TEAM……….to help with all aspects of technology wherever we need it, monitoring the PPG emails & distributing information. Leader Dominic Sexton

HEALTH PLEDGE… doing well and spreading fast. The idea is for us all to look at the health choices we make every day. Then choose one thing we can improve and pledge to stick to the change. It’s as easy as that! Visit the website and pledge or fill in a slip in the waiting room.

Some of the pledges so far include:

*To sit in the peace garden
*To use the stairs instead of the lift
*To walk a mile 3 times a week
*To join a choir
*To lose weight
*To stop smoking
*To declutter

What will you pledge?

We are hoping to get more teams going in the future…………Phew!

Do you have something you are keen to promote? Why not come along to a meeting or form a team yourself, We are a very friendly, informal bunch & will give you all the support we can. If you have any ideas for us, things you would like to raise or would like to support anything we are doing then please let us know……………

The patient Participation group is open to every patient registered with the practice, If you would like us to send you information about what we are doing then please send us your email address
Our email address is [email protected]

There is a noticeboard above for current information

Warm Regards,
Dominic Sexton (Chair)
Paul Welsh (Vice-Chair)
Catherine Lewis-Dobson(Secretary)

The Role of Patient Participation Groups

Click on the poster below to download a booklet which provides more information about Patient Participation Groups, what they are, what the benefits are, how to set them up, how to ensure they are inclusive, how they communicate, the role of social media and how to maintain interest in the group. The work has been done by the Royal College of General Practitioners in Northern Ireland Patients in Practice group and supported by the National Association of Patient Participation. You can find out more about the role of PPGs by NAPP here.


Listen to Jacqui Gladwin talk about the Patient Participation Group, accessing your records and understanding them, looking after your health & Health Pledge. She was interviewed on 8th November 2014 on Tameside Radio. You can contact her via twitter on @GladersJ

Watch a video by Ingrid Brindle, ex-Chair of the PPG describing what it does. 

Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group Constitution