An empowered patient

Yvonne Bennett

This talk by Yvonne Bennett, member of Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group was done in 2010 for NHS NW to describe what she can do as an empowered patient and to help other patients, carers, clinicians and managers understand what this means from the perspective of a patient.

The screenshots of what she can see are from an older version of the record viewer. You can see the latest version here. Even better, why not have a go yourself with the test patient record? This will be useful to know what people can do today. You may also wish to see our explicit consent process too and the kind of information we provide for patients to help them understand the issues from a wide variety of sources based on the collective experience we have had since 2005 when we first started. Here is our latest information on how many patients have now signed up too. As some back ground to the tweet chat, you may find this article in the Guardian useful on why patients need Records Access and Understanding

On 12th August 2015, a tweetchat hosted by @WeCommissioners and the NHS Improving Quality team was done to discuss #RecordsAccessAndUnderstanding.

Yvonne Bennett with Dr Hannan

Sadly Yvonne fell and fractured her leg in September 2020. Here she is with Dr Hannan explaining what happened when the hospital “lost” her records and she was able to log into Evergreen Life PHR to share her records. She also wanted to see her test results but was unable to do so. Fortunately the GP surgery can access her test results and pull them into her GP record from thr hospital so that she can see them later.

Thankyou Yvonne for being such a wonderful patient champion and continuing to shine a light for the world on what an empowered patient can do with a little help and support from others.