Confused about which app to use when?

Getting confused about which app to use when?

“I am having trouble booking an appointment using the NHS app. How can I check if my blood test results are available? Additionally, how can I update my medical records to indicate that I have pets, so that in case of an emergency, healthcare staff would be aware of this information? Which specific app should I use for these purposes?”

Patient at haughton thornley medical centres

It’s all very confusing which is why we have made this webpage to help you understand what different apps do for you

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres recommend you use AccuRx for booking apppointments, choose the NHS app (or Patient Access or Evergreen Life PHR) and use My GM Care. Also use My MFT if you have been referred to Manchester Foundation Trust.

It is worth registering with the NHS App so that you can authenticate yourself using NHS login. This will then allow you to automatically log into the other apps when you download and install them too and provides the best and most seamless experience for you. If you have problems with the NHS login then click here for further help and support.

See this table to see different features – you will need to slide across if you are viewing this on a mobile phone

Book an appointment with the GP / advanced nurse practitioner or physician associate or send admin messages to the surgery X
View your full GP electronic health record including free text, problems list, letters, test results, allergies. XXX
Order Repeat Prescriptions onlineXXX
Proxy AccessXX
Record your personal information eg BP, weight, moodXX
See hospital test resulst and letter from Manchester Foundation TrustX
Enable your personal data to be seen by your care team across Greater Manchester eg BP, weight, moodX
Inform your care team you have pets or live alone X
Provide your preference if you like your personal confidential data to be used for planning or research purposesX


Allows you to book an appointment with a Doctor, GP trainee, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Physician Associate


Allows you to view your medical records, allow Proxy access and check your Organ Donation status

Patient Access

Allows you to view your medical records and allow Proxy Access

Evergreen Life PHR

Gain access to your medical records and stay organized with a built-in Personal Health Record feature. Monitor your Health and Wellness scores seamlessly, all within one convenient platform.


Allows you to view your test results and medication and book appointments at one of the Manchester Foundation Trust hospitals – Manchester Royal Infirmary, St Marys, Wythenshawe hospital, Altrincham General hospital and North Manchester General Hospital.

PS: You have to have been referred to the hospital to get this app

My GM Care

Allows you to view your medication, allergies, vaccinations, lifestyle data, record measurements including blood pressure, weight and mood as well as record important information about yourself for routine care as well as in an emergency, set goals and also a place to remember what you need to ask next time you see a clinician. You can also agree for your personal confidential information to be used for planning and research purposes too as well as recording if you have an Advanced Directive and Power of Attorney too.