Recording your own data

Patients are increasingly being asked to check their own readings as part of monitoring their own health. In the past, you may have used HealthSpace to do this but this service was withdrawn due to poor uptake of the service. 

We know many patients have bought their own blood pressure machines (or know another family member that has one that they can access). If you have been asked to check your blood pressures at home then why don’t you click on the link below and start recording your blood pressure using¬†BP at Home.

Click here to record your blood pressure at home

Many patients may be trying to lose weight or stop smoking. Other patients may have been asked to check their blood glucose or peak flow rates and patients are bringing these readings in to show their doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. Finally if you suffer with anxiety or depression then you can complete a Mental Health Questionnaire which the doctor can use to better assess your needs. 

Whilst new solutions are developed, Haughton Thornley Medical Centres have developed some simple forms that you can use to record your data and present to your clinician if asked to do so or you can use this to monitor your own health too. For those patients that have MS Excel, we have provided the forms so that you can type your readings in a table. Otherwise, we have provided you with a PDF document that you can view using Adobe Reader and then print.

Please contact your doctor, nurse or other allied health professional if you need any further information.