Practice services available online to our patients

Please browse these pages if you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of accessing your Health Record online

Quick facts:
Patient Access to Health Records is a service provided completely free of charge by your Practice

Haughton Thornley has pioneered individual access to GP held health records over the internet since 2004 and well over 10,000 hundred patients have now accessed their record

The majority of patients who access their record do so more than once

Some patients like to access their record out of curiosity, just to check that everything recorded is correct

Whilst accessing your record over the internet is straightforward, you can ask at any time to see your record and can request a full print out that you can take away with you.

If you are one of our patients and wish to register to access your health record or other online services. 

We have provided information on the benefits of Record Access and have included a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that deals with some of the questions you might have particularly about privacy and security as well as the consent process that we have adopted. In other sections of this website, you will also find articles and support material written by some of our patients.

What are the benefits and challenges associated with patients accessing their GP held Health Record?


  • GP/Healthcare
    The patient has an active role in their own healthcare and develops a good relationship with their GP and Practice. This is being backed up with the ‘Choose-and-book’ option where the patient can choose which hospital they would like to be referred.
  • Repeat Prescriptions  
    These can be ordered via the internet whether you take advantage of the access to records or not. You must also register for this service.
  • Results
    With access to your medical records you can check any results or letters
  • Holidays          
    You may be in another country and taken ill. You may decide to allow the doctor access to your records (a personal decision). It might be that you forgot to order your repeat prescription and need it to be ready on your return. You can do this by using an internet café. You usually find such facilities in most holiday destinations. This has been tried very successfully from abroad.
  • Appointments 
    Appointments at the Practice can be viewed on screen and cancelled if you wish. If you are going to see a healthcare professional outside your area you can allow them to see your records online (if facilities exist) or print out the relevant information and take it with you. (The date will be on the bottom of the printout)
  • Community     
    It might be that you are receiving care at home and it is necessary for latest results of tests to be known before treatment is given.  You can check the results yourself or allow anyone else you see fit to do so.
  • Nursing Homes
    If a relative is in a nursing home, and you have been given access to their records, by monitoring the ‘consultation’ section you can monitor their care. Records of visits by doctors along with comments by the doctor will be recorded here. This could be done from anywhere in the world.
  • Relatives          
    Should you wish, you can share all your health records with relatives or just part by printing the part you wish to share.  
  • Time
    For most people there is never enough time — doctors included.  Much time can be saved by ordering repeats via the net. You can track the details and progress of your request before instructing the chemist to collect.  Blood results, x-rays or letters can be checked. If they are normal it saves you time not having to travel to the surgery (can be lengthy & expensive if you don’t have your own transport). It also leaves a free appointment allowing the doctor to see someone who is in need of an appointment.
  • Information     
    You can easily check information about any medication prescribed by clicking on the blue ‘i’ button listed next to your medication in the list.  This also includes information on how to take the medication such as ‘on an empty stomach’ or ‘with food’ etc which is not always available when you receive tablets in bottles. You can check what results mean or check a condition and some help guidelines. There are links to support groups e.g. Diabetes UK .
  • Security
    The system uses a similar security approach as online / internet banking IF you keep your passwords secure. Just as in the same way that you wouldn’t leave your bankers card and pin numbers lying around (particularly at work) and then wonder how someone managed to withdraw money from your account, it is essential that  you do not leave your passwords where they can be found.  This may also include at home if you don’t want family members to view your records. Don’t use obvious passwords such as names, birthdays or anniversaries etc.


  • Forgotten History
    There may be something in your history you don’t want any family members to see. It might be information you had put to the back of your mind and are now confronted with it!
  • Bad News
    You may read some bad news before the doctor has seen it.
  • Abnormal Results
    Results may be abnormal and cause you to worry
  • X-rays 
    A chest x-ray may show a shadow and ? Cancer
  • X-rays 
    A chest x-ray may show a shadow and ? Cancer
  • What should you do! – The alternatives are the same for all three.
    Ring the surgery and ask for a telephone consultation
    If out of hours, don’t look at the results if you are prone to worry – wait until the surgery opens before checking
    Speak with NHS Direct – 0845 46 47 (available 24 hours)
    Ring Surgery for out of hours number
    Ring A&E only if you are feeling really unwell
    Remember had you not had access you would not have known the results until either the doctor / Practice contacted you or you rang for the results
  • 3rd party information
    You might want to tell the doctor something about your spouse/partner/child etc in confidence. If the doctor records the information and the patient then sees this it could cause problems. If the doctor doesn’t vital information may get lost or forgotten
    The information may be malicious and again cause problems
  • Children
    When is a child not a child?
    Some children may be 12 years old but appear to be much more mature whilst others could be 18 years old but are still relatively immature
    At what age should children have their own passwords? 
    What about a teenage girl who wants contraception but doesn’t want her parents to know?

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

The information you view on the online system comes from the clinical system in your GP practice. Portions of this information are encrypted (this means it is very difficult for someone else to intercept and read the information) and securely sent from the GP system to your PC web browser or smartphone.

None of the medical information that is shown on the online system is held permanently on any computer.

When you log off from the online system or if a problem occurs with your computer, for instance a power failure, all your confidential medical information is cleared from the system.

To view your online EHR you have to identify yourself with passwords and PINs that only you know. Unless you reveal this information to someone else you will be the only person able to access your medical record via the online system

If you find any errors or missing information in your medical record you can tell the receptionist or discuss it with your GP. If you see someone else’s medical information you should inform the practice as soon as possible.

If you do not want to register to use the Records Access system, you can still use all the practices’ services exactly as before. Your decision not to register will not affect your standard treatment or your relationship with your GP practice in any way. However if you choose to use the system, it will enhance your experience and make it safer for you

Passwords are all Case sensitive

Please remember there is a difference between O (letter O) and 0 (zero)

If you leave passwords lying around then the system is not secure and others may gain access to your electronic health record.

No address / NHS or National Insurance numbers are given out on screen.

Those details however can be obtained when reading letters

No matter what you do or click you can’t alter the records.

You can cancel appointments if you make a mistake

When you order repeat prescriptions, you are given the opportunity to check what you have requested before submitting it and can leave a message with your request

It can easily happen. Most NHS establishments now have Free NHSWifi so you should be able to log into your record with your smartphone or tablet if you have one. If you know you are going to see a clincian then take a print out with you or make some notes to take with you. This could include any of your letters to your GP and any recent test results.

Then be polite and apologise

You brought them with you to assist the doctor not to antagonise them

Non-urgent advice: Please note

To take advantage of online services available at Haughton Vale and Thornley House Practices, you must first be a registered patient at one of the Practices and have previously registered to access online services – please ask at reception, speak to your GP or Nurse and they will be able to help you. You can register for online access here.

Your Practice has been offering a range of online services for patients for some time now, including the ability to securely and confidentially access your GP-held electronic health record once you have been registered to use the service. 

Mrs Margaret Rickson – a patient at Thornley House surgery was one of our first patients to take advantage of this facility and during an interview with the Manchester Evening News, she explained how this has helped her to manage her own health. The full range of online services now offered includes:

– Any repeat prescriptions you have can now be requested via the internet

If you receive medication which is on repeat prescription, in most instances you can now order the prescription through the internet without having to ring or visit the surgery. Once ordered you can then review the system to check when it is ready to be collected. You can also collect prescriptions directly from your local pharmacist without having to visit the practice.

Dr Amir Hannan has also been one of the pioneers of on-line access to GP-held health records for patients, based on what he describes as the ‘partnership of trust‘. This trust relationship allows patients greater access to information about their health and medical care. If you would like to be one of a growing number of our patients who have taken advantage of this initiative, please complete the online questionnaire.

The internet is not a replacement for getting first hand advice and help with your health from your trusted doctor or nurse but may help you to be more informed about managing your own health better.