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How Giving Patients Access to Health Records Can Transform Care

Understanding Patient Data and the Richmond Group of Charities came together to publish a series of blogs to help patients, carers and those supporting them to understand the value of data to help improve care. We at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres feel “Knowledge Saves Lives”. As people have access to their data and can understand this with trusted information provided by their care provider and also the clinicians and staff they converse with, they can make better, more informed choices about their health and that of their loved ones and also how to get the best from the healthcare system around them through a Partnership of Trust.

Understanding Patient DataThe Richmond Group of Charities
Ingrid Brindle (patient)Patient perspectiveClick hereClick here
Dr Richard Fitton (retired)Today and in the futureClick hereClick here
Dr Amir HannanGP perspectiveClick hereClick here