Haughton Thornley Medical Centres are engaging patients (and staff) through the use of technology

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the late Ingrid Brindle, ex-Chair of Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group

How I take control of my health with my personal health record
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Haughton Thornley Medical Centres Mission Statement:

There for you all your life,

your good health with our support,

empowering you to live well

Most care is delivered by you looking after yourself in your own home with your family to help you. Most families usually have one person who tends to look after everybody else in the family and make sure your health needs are in order too. So it makes a lot more sense for you to be able to see what is in your electronic health record so that you can look after yourself better with your carers and ourselves to support you.

Why wait until there is a problem when you can do this now and also encourage your loved ones too and family and friends who are patients of ours! It’s free, takes 2 minutes to complete the Records Access and Understanding Checklist Questionnaire and gives you a feeling of control over our healthcare needs and a lot of fun too! Our aim is for all patients to be able to do this.

If you are a parent of a child or a carer for somebody else or have been granted permission to do this on behalf of somebody else eg grandparents or even a friend who wants you to do it for them them then you will need “proxy access“.

View your GP electronic health records and order repeat prescriptions via a smartphone or go online via a web browser

There are 3 apps you can use – Evergreen Life PHRPatient Access or the NHS App. We recommend you register with all three apps as they have similarities and differences too. Learn more here

Register your PIN NUMBERS if you have not yet done so

See below for videos which explain how to download and register your pin numbers using Evergreen Life PHR and Patient Access apps on your iOS device (iPhone / iPad) or Android device (tablet or smartphone). We recommend you use your smartphone as you carry this with you everywhere you go usually.

Learn about what the Patient Access app can do for you.

Read about how we as a practice are enabling patients to have full access to their electronic health records so that you can

  • See what the doctor or nurse has written about you os you can understand what we are doing together
  • Easily view blood test results, scans that the practice has arranged or letters that come back from elsewhere as soon as they arrive in the practice
  • Learn to understand your electronic health records (Guardian article) better by using the practice-based website www.htmc.co.uk and the main website to find trusted information that we have vouched for including
  • You can choose to share your electronic health record easily with your partner / family if you wish
  • We recommend you use the free apps NHS AppEvergreen Life PHR and Patient Access on your smartphone to view your electronic health records
  • You can also easily set up reminders for taking your medication or keep a record of your blood pressures or other parameters or keep your one notes if you like using the Evergreen Life PHR app.
  • You can find errors or information that is missing in your electronic health record so that we can then try to correct them for you, making it safer and a better experience for all
  • Learn more about our explicit consent process if you still have questions
  • See how many people just like you in the practice have now signed up for the full access to their electronic health records online
  • The practice website www.htmc.co.uk
  • The practice website www.htmc.co.uk is an ideal place to visit to help you get the best from your GP practice and also to help you to understand your healthcare needs better and what is available locally to help you alongside viewing your electronic health record and seeing what your doctor and nurse have written for you. Please talke a look at the Patient Control Panel as well as Practice Services too.
  • Please send an email to [email protected] if you are experiencing any problems or want help with getting online and need your pin numbers to register online or ask to speak to one of our receptionists who can try to help.