Understanding Test Results

Viewing your blood tests online at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres

On 17th September 2014, Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group and the practice came together to discuss with patients how they can view their blood tests online and how patients can understand what the test results mean. Please watch the video below to hear what was discussed. We would like to thank Dr Tetlow, consultant clinical scientist at Tameside Hospital Foundation Trust, nurses and patients for helping to make this event a success. 

Watch video where the late Ingrid Brindle (ex-Chair of Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group) and Dr Hannan talk about how to understand your blood test results. The talk lasts 1 hour 14 minutes

We recommend

  • You ask the doctor or nurse why you are having a blood test and what it means
  • You can also see what the doctor or nurse has written in the notes when the blood test was organised. 
  • You can see the comments doctors have written next to the test results
  • Please use Lab Tests Online to help you understand what the blood test means and common questions related to the test which is the best source of information on what blood tests mean and how best to understand them
  • You can also click on the blue information button next to the test to see generic information of a general nature
  • There are other trusted resources on this website to help you understand your condition better. We have done the hard work to find relevant information for you and signpost you to information you can trust rather than just doing a random search which may or may not provide you with good quality information.  
  • Please remember to ask your doctor or nurse if you do not understand – we are here to help you

Please click on the link below to go to Lab Tests Online and also to download a free app for your iPhone or android device