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We have launched the new “My GM Care” app for you to use along with the NHS app (or Patient access or Evergreen Life PHR)

Download the FREE app now using one of the links below.

Learn more about the Greater Manchester Care Record and the My GM Care app here.

You can use this app to record your blood pressure, your mood and also your weight so that clinicians in the surgery and in the hospitals can also see your readings if you ask them to.

Click here if you are experiencing any problems. There is a form you can complete if you are unsure what to do and need further help and support.


To have the best overall experience, we recommend that you use the NHS app as well as My GM Care to help manage your online experience. To help you get the best from the practice and help you get the best start, see be the BEST YOU.


Learn about all the different apps available now for you to use and what to use when here. We know this can be confusing and are working to try to bring them altogether

Please note the My GM Care app is only available on smartphones and not via a computer or laptop.

If you have any queries then please use this form below and Dr Hannan or Gillian (Patient Advisor and part of the HTMC Online team) will get back in touch with you. Please be patient as we may not be able to answer all your questions immediately. However we will build an FAQ for common questions people may have.

Problems with getting online or using my GM care

Please use this form if you are having problems setting up the “NHS app”, “Evergreen Life PHR”, “Patient Access” or “My GM Care app”

Please let us know how we can help you