Patients need access and understanding of their electronic health record

The Guardian published an online article written by Dr Hannan on Nov 30th 2011. The article ‘Patients need access and understanding of their electronic health records’ tries to share the experience that an increasing number of our patients now have.

Please see below for further information on specific aspects mentioned in the article:

Patients, carers and the information to support them are the most under-utilised resources the NHS has available

Map of Medicine in the NHS

Choose and Book

Patient Reported Outcome Measures


Decision Aids

Patient Experience

Shared Decision Making

The patient is also an expert who understands how the condition affects them, their family and those around them

Towards a Partnership of Trust

Patient Participation Group

Consent process for getting access to the GP electronic health records

Patients can securely transact with their records

In the future it is likely that patients will be able to send a list of symptoms and appropriate medical history online prior to a consultation

Enabling Patients to Access Electronic Health Records – Guidance for Health Professionals – guidance by the Royal College of General Practitioners for Health Professionals

Renal Patient View

Listen to Dr Richard Fitton and Yvonne Lake (patient) interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester

Health Informatics Clinical Advisory Team, NHS North-West

Press Release as 1000 patients get access to their GP electronic health records