Electronic patient record – is the NHS ready? How about patients?

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Introduction by Idalia Dawidowska and Daniel Zamora introducing what Health 2.0 is, what the purpose of the group and who Health 2.0 Manchester chapter are about as a well as a brief introduction to today’s topic and why this is of interest.

Marilyn Gollom, a patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres, a member of the Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group and an NHS Values Manchester Patient Champion introduces us to the Ten Golden Rules of Continuous Improvement and what they mean from a patient’s perspective. Dr Hannan then introduces the 4 Ps for success and asks the audience what the Partnership of Trust means.

We are now whisked away to Dr Hannan’s GP surgery where he is doing his morning telephone consultations and Marilyn wants to have a chat with him about her low mood….See a “live” consultation to see what happens and how he meets “the patient from hell”…..All a bit of fun of course but with a very serious side and how the Partnership of Trust manifests itself inside the consultation. This is where the magic occurs and ideas often form. He shows how patients  at the practice are asked to complete an Instant Medical History questionnaire before they come to see us in person to help enhance the consultation. During the consultation he explores the opportunity of giving patients access to their records but also how they need understanding of their healthcare too and what options they can take. 

But where does this understanding come from and what role does our award-winning practice-based web portal (www.htmc.co.uk) have in supporting patients beyond just giving access to their records? Click here to see our online explicit consent process for signing up for access to the records what she has to to get access to her records. Learn more about the local Map of Medicine and Lab Tests Online to understand test results. See Depression Care to see what information we currently provide to help patients understand it better and what they can do themselves away from the consulting room. 

Dr Hannan describes Margaret RIckson, one of Health Service Journal’s top 50 innovators in 2013. He also describes the types of patients amongst the 2400 patients who have signed up for access to their records. He then describes screenshots of the test patient record. He also describes what evidence we have on patient’s accessing their records from the perspective of clinicians as well as the practice. He finally describes the challenges we are currently facing too. You can read more about this here.

Jacqueline Gladwin, Principal Lecturer in Nursing at Manchester Metropolitan University and also a patient at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres describes her own experience and how she is using this to support the educational needs of student nurses and others too. In 2013, she was highly commended by the university for providing Outstanding Leadership describing what online records means for nurses.

Questions & Answers (Part 1)

Madeleine Neve (Head of IM & T at Salford Royal Hospital) introduces “Implementing EPRs at Salford Royal Hospital – motivation and outcomes”. She describes the current situation in most hospitals in the UK that still use paper-based records and the impossibility of getting hop do the records within 4 hours if a patient presents to A&E. She describes the journey Salford Royal Hospital took to move it from one of the worst hospitals to becoming the best hospital in the North of England as defined by Dr Foster Intelligence. She describes the start of this journey, where they have got to and the next stage of the journey. She talks about prescribing and reducing medication errors, the secondary use of information, looking at outcomes. Clinicians are now sharing aspects of the record with the patient at the consultation and inspiring innovation in the way care is delivered such as “virtual ward rounds”. Infrastructure is important. There are significant challenges around adoption and implementation and the “next chapter” including giving patients access to the records….

Questions & Answers (Part 2)

With thanks to John Buttle for recording the video and doing a sterling job! And a Big thanks to everybody who contributed online and in person to help this event to be a success. There were many people who would like to have been there but could not. We love your support and encouragement and well wishes. Without you we could not have done this. 

Please get involved. You can contact us via twitter which is a great place to interact, share ideas and show support as well as discussing, debating, informing, empowering, sharing and moving hearts and minds. Ask your GP practice if they would like to do similar things. Show them what is possible today and help to make the world a better place for all!

Advanced notice

If you thought 2013 was a great year……this is not the end but the end of the beginning! Look out…..lots of new things coming in 2014….Let’s hope this is the year that you can benefit too and we build on this and all move forwards in GP surgeries, hospitals, community based clinics and in communities and families too. We all stand to benefit by standing united and supporting each other!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff, clinicians, patients and carers at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres.