Why should patients get access to their records and understanding too?

Dr Hannan got interviewed by Sam Walker from BBC Radio Manchester on 9th December 2013 at the Brooke Surgery in Hyde. They had spent the morning in the surgery interviewing different people to show what the surgery is like and some of the challenges faced by staff, patients and the clinicians as they try to deliver high quality services under very challenging circumstances.

Dr Hannan was asked a variety of questions including why patients would want access to their records, will they understand what they read or will they become confused by it, would they even be allowed to look at their records and how could it help them and their loved ones.

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres has been enabling patients to access their records since 2006 and has accrued a great deal of expertise along the way on how to do it, what works and how it should be done. It has also learned a lot about some of the challenges that we are facing and how to meet those challenges, Listen to the radio item below and see what you think. We have also provided links to specific issues that were raised in the radio item for you to learn more.