You Tube videos introducing Records Access

IntroductionAn introduction from Dr Amir Hannan to Records Access and additional video content available from this site
Blood Pressure (BP) & WeightA reminder that Records Access is not just about checking your records, but also an opportunity for you to keep your health record as up to date as possible by checking your Blood Pressure (BP) and weight and informing your doctor what the details are at your next visit
What do we want you to do?How to go about accessing your health record and what to expect when you do
The benefitsDescribes the benefits of Records Access and why we believe you should consider registering to use this service
Some issues (part 1)Password protection, increased demand on a stretched service. Mental Health, challenges for non-English speaking patients
Some issues (part 2)Significant events e.g. termination of pregnancy
Some issues (part 3)Consultants may not be aware that you are accessing your health records online. You may now see letters before your GP does
The BIG issues (part 1)News that you don’t understand
The BIG issues (part 2)Handling unexpected news e.g. a shadow on the lung on a chest X Ray
The BIG issues (part 3)Wrong letter in notes and children and Record Access rights
The BIG issues (part 4)Dealing with third party information and special consideratio eg child protection and psychiatric notes
Patient – the advantagesA patient’s perspective on the advantages
Patient – What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)What else could WYSIWYG mean?
Patient – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)A range of questions that have already been asked by patients
Local Care Record Development BoardWhat is the local Care Record Development Board and how does it help to protect patients and clinicians
How can you help?What can patients do to help the system and clinicians
Next stepsWhat are the next steps that you should take to get access to your health records?