Dr Richard Fitton and Yvonne Lake on BBC Radio Manchester

Dr Richard Fitton and Yvonne Lake (patient) were interviewed live on BBC Radio Manchester by Heather Stott on 1st July 2011 on why patients should get access to their records and how in the future patients may wish to choose to give their electronic health records to their children as a resource to help them understand better conditions that run in the family and what their genome might mean for them.

Click here to watch a unique conference on “Citizens, your health data, genomics and the future

Your Health, Your data, Genomics and the Future

What makes people want to share their own experiences with others especially when they realise how everybody can benefit? Everybody and every living thing wants to prosper and do even better for themselves and their loved ones. There is a unique conference that has been arranged by Haughton Thornley Patient Participation Group, Manor House Patient Participation Group, the Glossop Chronicle and Dr Richard Fitton which explores the relationship between health, your data, your genes and what this means for the future sustainability of your family, the community you reside in and the planet. The event was recorded and are available for you to see by clicking here